Friday, December 20, 2013

It's A Candy Cane Christmas!

Last night a few of my Longaberger customers and I loaded into our cars and headed out for a Candy Cane road trip! Yep. in the town of Ontario on a small quiet street is nestled Logan's Candy Store. They have been there since 1933 and are still making candy canes the old fashioned way ... by hand.

We began the evening with dinner and then headed north to Logan's. 

I treated each of the ladies with a treat bag ... the tinsel bows are headbands ...
Here most of us are all decked out for a Christmas outing.  Our next stop is Logan's!
We had a rainy night to deal with but that didn't dampen our spirits. 

We're here!! Whoo Hoo
L to R - Ronna, Kim, Jewel (with a lot of co-operation from the crowded shop we got Jewel in the store with her wheel chair) Corinne in the blue and Susan. Kim arrived ahead of us and made sure Jewel had a spot up front to get a good view.

One of the owners shaping the candy cane into their traditional shape! The candy cane above her head is gigantic and can be located in the Guinness Book of World Records and the longest candy cane. It was made 36 years ago right inside this tiny little store!!
Corinne is in deep concentration while they make the canes. They handed out warm bite sized pieces, oh my they were so yummy.
Ronna peeking over Susan's head ...
Kim, Corinne and Susan, we're ready to load up the fuel filled sleighs and head further north to see the holiday lights in Alta Loma ...
Here is a huge Green Bay Packers Football dude mixed in with all the lights, I took him for my Packer fan Amy!!

Someone's front window display ...

 This was divine timing. We were slowly cruising the street when we see a large herd of teenagers coming towards us. As they got closer we realize they are carrying band instruments. They quickly file into this driveway and within seconds the director is shouting out orders and they begin to play!! OMG, it was so awesome. Right there in the rain these kids with full marching band instruments were playing Carols. I love Christmas!

One of the many villages ....
Up the street a little further we hear another group of musicians playing and singing more Carol's. I am so loving all of this!
I love this ... simple, organized and a huge star!

A pooped out Santa sleeping on the slivered moon! So cute.
So pretty ...
 And ... I couldn't leave this beautiful, upscale neighborhood without taking a picture of this ..

OMG! They even have special trash receptacles!! I'm sending a pic to the city of Fullerton, I think we should have these too!

Merry Christmas! If your neighborhood decorates, get out and enjoy the season!

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