Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Makeover Day!

My daughters wedding is just three months away so in spite of the hustle bustle of Christmas we have to keep moving forward with the wedding plans. So today she had an appointment to have her make-up done for the wedding. Somehow when I was married I did my own make up, my own hair and decorated my own car .... oh how things have changed! Now someone does the bridal parties make up, hair and so on and so on.

The two of us headed out the door at 8 am, first stop McDonald's for coffee! Then off to the mall to return an ugly dress (and do I mean ugly!) Next stop Walmart where she returned some other un-necessary items and I got gas. Then over the hill we went into the Chino Valley to visit the make-up artist!

It takes a lot of tools to create beauty ....
At least 9 brushes, 4 tubes of something, 5 blushes/eye shadows sharpeners, lip liners etc, etc!
 Denise was her technician and she knows all the tricks of the trade!

She is focused ... a hand full of tubes that do all sorts of wonderful things.
 After the foundation was on Tiffany popped into another room to have her eyebrows waxed, ouch!!
TaDA all done! I thought it looked awesome. However, Denise was not so happy. She didn't like how the camera captured to color tones so Tiff will need to go back (oh poor her) for another practice run.

 My dear friend Tanya met us there at 11:30 for a facial ... she needed a potty break so I snapped this very flattering picture! She is going to KILL me when she see's this. Hehe

Lover the hair net!
Three shopping days till Christmas ... get busy!

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