Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring Cleaning ... or is it Summer Cleaning??

My dear son on law was here a couple of days ago so I asked him to help me move my potting table. This poor thing was built by my husband at least 15 years ago and it has truly seen better days. Prior to moving it I was using the table as a wall to fence off the side yard. I noticed it was leaning forward and looking rather sad. I'm thinking with Shawn's help we can nail it to the fence to hold it up. Umm, nope. The feet on the front of the table had completely rotted away!! OK, plan #2. Let's move it into the planter to shore it up. After a bit of wriggling we got it in there and I love it!!
Here she is!! All nestled into the planter. She is warped, full of termite holes and missing some body parts but my sweet hubby made her and I just can't break her apart just yet.  Next to her is a wooden American Flag that I also have has for years as well as a heart shaped flag made from the tin off of a barn roof salvaged from a devastating tornado a few years ago.

See the bicycle?? That is where the potting table was standing. Years ago there was an actual fence there but it blew down during a Santa Ana wind storm. The bike is not a good fence so I think we will be needing a new one built here soon!

My little cast iron garden gnome is keeping an eye on things over there along with a couple of crazy roosters!

Notice the support beam behind the lower portion of the table? Yep, you got it, that is keeping the whole thing together at this point!! Otherwise I fear it might just lean all the way to the right and fall down.

A close up of my watering can and bird house collection. Four of those watering/oil cans came home with me many years ago from my grandparents home in Ohio. The large red bird house was made by hand by a couple in Wyoming, love it.
 Thanks for touring my yard with me!

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  1. Put some plants on the bottom of you planter.. I will hind the beam and look really cute :) You will just have to water more often :)