Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Sewing Son in Law!!

I love my daughter to pieces, she's a lot of fun. We laugh and we cry together, we play together ... one thing we don't do is sew together. Things domestic like sewing, cooking and gardening are just not her thing. But that's OK, plenty of other things are!
However, my new son in law Shawn loves to sew. He is fascinated with quilt making and the crafting I do. So Sunday morning I was finishing up one of the Americana Flag pillows that a friend couldn't complete. He was watching and asked if he could do it! Well sure I said, here ya go and turned the project over to him.
He did a fabulous job .... 

He had just washed the car and had his shirt off, he doesn't usually sit around shirt less! Do you notice he is a lefty ... just like me!!
Check it out, he has it pinned together and everything. He is just the cutest thing ever! 

ALL Done!!
  So while he is busy with the pillow I got busy working on a new project.

OK, OK, if you know me you know I am a Mc Donalds coffee addict! I love my Vanilla Iced Coffee's. Mickey D's does not offer stylish cute coffee cups so I decided to make m own. Oh my goodness .... this was quite the project! There are over 1000 stones glued to this cup.

The pictures I take don't do it justice, it is so pretty and sparkly! It took a lot of hours to make so I don't think I will have a career in blingy cup making!

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  1. Your SIL did a great job-encourage him to make another project