Monday, June 16, 2014

Actions Speak Loudly ....

My dad passed away over 30 years ago so Father's Day is a rather reflective day for me. This year, my newly married daughter, Tiffany called to see what Joe, her step-dad and I were up to on Father's Day. I shared that I was taking him to breakfast at his favorite place. Sunday morning bright and early she and her new hubby Shawn were at the house ready to go and join us to celebrate this wonderful man.
Joe came into Tiffany's life when she was a high school sophomore.  Both she and her brother quickly attached themselves to this man and their relationships have grown closer each passing year.
Betsy loves her dad too, the morning before breakfast!

As a high school senior it was Joe who escorted Tiffany to her father/daughter dance, it was Joe who joined her as she visited possible colleges and it was Joe, along with her dad that walked her down the aisle a few months ago when she was married. Joe has never been overly demonstrative in vocalizing how he feels. He "shows" us ... he lets his actions do his talking. We have all three been so blessed.

Joey is on the right! Happy Father's Day to an amazing man who has loved my children like his own ....

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