Monday, February 25, 2013

Wow! What a busy 24 hours! My kids from Northern California rolled in yesterday afternoon from a trip to the desert. They were delayed in their departure this morning and and just left a bit ago. This little visit has set me back on many things including my blog! So lets get busy and I'll share with you my continuing Atlantis adventure!!
Day 4 was NOT what I expected to see in the Bahamas. We woke to pouring rain and very strong WINDS! Keep in mind I'm sick with a rotten cold and NO warm clothes ... no jacket or long pants. After a trip to the least expensive gift shop I stepped into the cold, windy weather $79.00 poorer wearing my new pink sweatshirt. Gotta love resorts, they over charge for EVERYTHING!
After a breakfast of warm oatmeal and coffee the three of us headed off to the Atlantis Marina. The private ships/yacht were amazing.
Yep, that is a helicopter on top of the battle ship grey yacht ....

This huge grey beast was the largest in the Atlantis Harbor and the largest private ship I have EVER seen! We found out who the owner is .... think porn, think bunnies ... got it yet? How about pajamas? Yep, it belong to Hugh Heffner the owner of Playboy! There is big bucks in porn ....
These are some of the little puny ones ....      
After a morning spent shopping in the cold wind I opted to take an afternoon nap. Meanwhile Amy and Tiff headed to the beach. Amy's daughter Mindy asked her to bring home some Bahamian sand, so like every good mom Amy is out collecting sand!

Here is my summer child. She was born in August and loves the sun and the beach ... even at the cold and windy beach she puts on a suit and heads to the water!

Look at all the empty seats!! The little child is heading for the water while mom watches all bundle up! You can see how windy it is by the palm trees, burr it was so cold!

Sunday night was our final dinner with our Longaberger family. The instructions were to wear bright clothes, the dinners theme was "Junkanoo" this is a Bahamian celebration common the the islands.

Our tables were so fun and festive! Bright colored feathers adorned every table with a combination of bright green, yellow, pink and blue table cloths and napkins.
Each guest was supplies with there own noise makers ....
After a delicious dinner of fish, beef, chicken and oodles of salads and desserts we started entertaining ourselves with the feathers.  I'm wearing my $79.00 sweatshirt! Then the real entertainment began ....
We were sitting in the back of the room near the door, see it right behind my head??? I was pooped and told the girls I was ready to make the long trek back to our room. Amy wanted another cup of coffee so we sat tight for a bit longer. So glad we did! We started hearing the sounds of a steel drum band in the far off distance. As we chatted the music came closer and closer. Just as I turned around the look at the door this is what came strolling in ....
An authentic Bahamian Junkanoo strolling steel drum band in full costume! These guys were so awesome and so entertaining!!
He was such an awesome dancer.

It's blurry because these guys NEVER stopped moving! They played music and danced all the way around the room twice. Such a fun way to end our final dinner of the trip.
All decked out in our Longaberger finery!

Tiffany as an orange mermaid ....

My cup sleeve! It travels everywhere with me, now it's been to the Bahamas!!

Tomorrow, some final thoughts and snap shots from the Bahamas!


  1. Sorry to hear to had a cold during your stay but it sure looks as though it didn't stop you from having fun.


  2. Thanks Audrey! It was so much fun .... cold and all. Made me ready for some warm Spring days!