Monday, February 4, 2013

Turning 60 .....

Last month my very dear friend Paula sent me an email notifying me that she was going to help me prepare for my 60th birthday in July .... She wants me to know how wonderful the decade of being 60 is going to be. January I received a wonderful primitive double heart wood block. Very unusual and very cool. 
Well, this morning the door bell rings, I got to the door and a box is waiting for me. Hummm, I didn't order anything so what can this be? Ahh, it's a box from my friend Paula.
Oh this is so fun! These are the goodies that came tumbling out of the box.
Don't these just look so yummy!! White Chocolate Obsession ans Sweetheart Cinnamon Tea's. I have never seen any tea's that look so good!

All of these were in my box ... The quilt kit is the Angel of the House kit from Country Sampler in WI. Paula almost got the same kit sent to her from me! Great minds think alike.

You can not really get the full effect of the framed piece. As we celebrate 150 years of the passing of the 13th amendment the US Postal Service has issued the "Freedom" stamp series. Paula knows first hand my passion for the Civil War and my love of anything Lincoln so these framed stamps are such a treasure. If you get the opportunity go check them out at your local Post Office! All I can say is ... turning 60 is going to be GREAT!
   Before I sign off for the day I wanted to share with you my finished Shoofly Potpie Quilt.

 Tada!! Here it is, love the finished product!!

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