Friday, February 22, 2013

Atlantis ... Day 2

Pool Side at Atlantis
With both Tiffany and I sick with colds the 3 of us opted to lay by the pool and see if it helped with the rejuvenation process. We finally rolled out of bed shortly after 9 am, wiggled into our bathing suits (always a treat) had some breakfast and headed poolside.
Here we are!! Three bathing beauties ...
The pool view of our room, we're on the 9th floor....

Seven! Yep, 7 cruise ships are in the harbor in one day! Yikes, Nassau had to be packed!!

Do you recognize this man? Think football ... still no, think NFL ... still no, don't feel bad, I had no clue who he was either. His little baby boy was just adorable as well as is identical twin daughters!
Well, my football loving BFF new who this fella was! Meet Craig Jensen, a running line backer for the Green Bay Packers. Amy just cruised on over there, introduced herself and asked for a pic. He was a real sweetie and said he'd be glad to.
By now I'm worn out, I found a spot under a tree and dozed while Amy and Tiffany took a walk to check things out! By 4 we decided It was time to head up to the room to get our showers and head over to our "White Night" dinner at the Atlantis Dig.

The Dig is this amazing under ground walk though the Atlantis aquarium. Besides all kinds of fishes there was this scary character in the tank!

My traveling pals ....

Gross! I hate Jelly Fish, but aren't they so cool looking??
After a nice walk through the Dig we came out into the beautiful night air and this unusual bar ...

Yes sir reee, she's a living bar! At one point her dress was covered with blue martini's!

Tiffany nestled our three little basket weave fish into the table center piece. Every guest received one of these darling little fish all handwoven by a basket weaver in the far, far away land of Ohio!

Tiffany and I ...

Amy, Myself and Tiff, we had such a great night.

All the trip earners received a one of a kind woven fish designed by Collector's Club president Michael Kennedy. It's so cool!
Here is the entire group! Trip earners, husbands, kids and friends! Thanks for joining me today .... tomorrow we visit the water park and the Madera Spa!

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