Saturday, February 23, 2013

Atlantis Aqua-Adventure

Saturday morning we were all up a bit earlier ... 8 am and excited to hit the water park and go down the slides! After an iced Carmel Machiato from Starbucks and some oatmeal we headed out. Keep in mind that the Atlantis Resort is HUGE, you walk miles every day just getting from point A to point B! It's worse then a cruise ship and I that I walked myself to death on those! Our first stop was to get our wristbands and towels.
Each day our wrist band changed colors .... slides and lazy river day was the blue band!
Welcome to the Leap of Faith water slide. Yikes!! This was my first slide and the parks fastest and scariest. After climbing all the way to the top of the Mayan Temple you lay down in the tube, cross your ankles and your arms and zoom straight down the slide! It goes so fast your back lifts off the slide! I swear I thought I was going to fly off the slide. As you hit the bottom you enter an enclosed tube with sharks swimming all around you. As you leave the tube your body shoots out like a bullet and into the pool! OMG, it was so scary .... but fun!
Now we're inside the Serpent Slide. This was really cool. You sit inside a tube and push off into the dark! Yep, it's really dark and you go zooming down in a tube, then you drop into nothingness and before you know it your back inside the aquarium with those darn sharks again. This time you're slowly floating and able to see the sharks swimming all around you .... creepy!
And finally the Lazy/Current Rivers! This was such a blast. You float around a nice river, at times going over rapids, waves and crazy fast currents. At the end of the ride we were in a raging white water river. My daughter got tossed off the raft and ended up getting cut up in the rocks .... I think she was more scared then actually hurt. I was in front of her and didn't see it happen, all I saw was her coming out of the dark laying face down on the raft instead of her butt in the hole sitting in the raft. I started to giggle, she wasn't laughing!
River wounds!
Well after the river injuries we left the water park and headed back to our room to re-group. Our visit to the spa was at 3 pm and we needed to shower. Little did we know that we left the park just in time ... after the loooong walk to our room we entered and looked out our window to see this ....
Yikes! A monsoon had hit Paradise Island! This didn't look like paradise to me!
Remember all those beautiful views out our room window? Well now this is what we were seeing! No fear, by spa time it was all gone and the sun was peeking out once again.
  Mandara Spa OMG what an experience. We were treated to a 75 minute Body Polish massage.
The best 75 minutes ever. We are coated with a lime, ginger salt scrub and this is rubbed all over to exfoliate your skin. We then step into a warm show to wash all the old salt and skin away. This is followed with a one hour body massage! Oh my, so wonderful. The spa experience includes a deep well jacuzzi and a nice hot sauna. I wished they could have just folded me into bed when they were done! But no, we had a wonderful 5 STAR dinner to attend.
Tami and her daughter Claire held a new managers reception prior to our dinner on Saturday night. Tami was so kind to sign my fish tails and snap a picture with me. Such a wonderful woman.

Our next stop was the Bahamian Club for dinner. Oh my gosh it was fabulous. I had shrimp cocktail, poached salmon with fresh vegetables, and strawberry cheesecake for dessert. The salmon just melted in your mouth, so yummy!

When I returned to my room I found a little black velvet  bag on my bed. Inside was a sterling silver Pandora bracelet bead of two tiny Dolphins, the symbol of the Atlantis Resort! It is on my bracelet as I write!
It was a very long day and I was exhausted! Time for some sleep, tomorrows another busy day!

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