Saturday, February 9, 2013

Parties, Parties, Parties!

Oh my gosh it's a glorious day in Southern California! After a day filled with rain, wind and hail ... yes hail fell from our skies I awoke to a sunny, beautiful and very chilly day. Thank goodness since this weekend is a busy one filled with parties! I just love a party, how about you?
Yesterday I held my first class for 2013. Nine ladies gathered and they created the most adorable stuffed button hearts!
Can you see the rain falling out the back window?? The creative geniuses are busy ... selecting buttons, gluing and sewing!

Barb and Jewel chose to sit on the couch and be creative! I tell you, Jewel is just a little energizer bunny, she's soon to be 93 and keeps partying on, just love her to pieces.
My newest Longaberger customer Lynne joined us for the first time! Doesn't she have the most beautiful hair!! Her pillow came out just adorable too!

Debbie is in the gluing process and just about ready to transfer her buttons ....

Rita is so cute, she is in deep reflection! Her little tin of buttons are VERY old and treasured so she wanted to be sure and select just the right ones. She had some awesome tiny glass buttons that had an Art Deco look to the. So cool!
Everyone finished! They all came out so cute, and different! Just a fun, fun day in spite of the rain and hail!

These are the two I have made, thinking of making one more .... humm, we'll see! 
  Today ... Origami Owl Party, stay tuned!

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