Monday, February 11, 2013

Party .... Sort Of!

Sunday was the final day of my weekend of "parties" Well, a party of sorts! I met with my quilting Friendship group, Bits and Pieces. This month we met at Eva's home, or should I say the home of Dr. Doolittle! Eva loves her critters as much as she does her quilting!
Let me introduce to you Mr. Bunny, I forgot his name.
This is the most cuddly, friendly bunny. Eva just loves him, can you tell?
And Mr. Kitty Cat, don't remember his name either! I'm so forgetful these days. Mr. Kitty sat high on his perch watching us sew all afternoon. Such a content happy fella. 
 Besides these two critters Eva has two doggies, very noisy doggies. Molly and Lucy. Go figure, I remember their names and don't get their pictures! 
There were 10 of us present, most of the ladies brought their sewing machines and buzzed right along while a few of us just brought some handwork to get finished up. When you're a quilter there are so many phases to complete and lots to do!
Eva and her helper Linda served a yummy lunch of vegetable lasagna (made by Eva's husband) Caesar Salad and a very good garlic/cheese bread (made by Linda's husband) those men can cook!!
My neighbor to my right was Fran, she was busy creating these cute basket blocks. These will be donated to the National Alzheimer's Association and auctioned off. All proceeds are then used to facilitate research. She does all her own quilting! I was in awe.
Here is my very special friend Penny. She was my across the way neighbor and she was very busy making teeny tiny 1 inch pieces ... and talking!
All in all is was a wonderful, relaxing day. The weather was COLD and cloudy, a perfect day to stay inside and sew.
Happy Birthday Lavinia!

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