Thursday, February 21, 2013

ATLANTIS .... Let's Get Started!

There is just too much to say and too many pictures for one post so I will take this Atlantis Adventure bits at a time! Let's begin with my departure exactly one week ago today!

Yep. This is was 3:48 dark thirty looks like. DARK! With a 6:00 AM departure time we needed to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport bright and early! My very sweet husband was up as well and so kind to take us to the airport.
Tiffany, my daughter is in charge of the Passports and boarding tickets! No passports, no get into Bahamas!
5:30 PM, Bahama time, we're here!! Woo hoo! This is the view from our bedroom. Not to bad is it? The area with all the rafts is called the Lazy River ... it was a blast and anything except lazy! What a great ride. Above is our own private white sands beach, The Cove. Tiffany and Amy made it over there, however, with my cold and the cold, windy weather I opted to stay in and sneak a nap.
The beautiful Dolphin Cay. Another view from our room. In the early hours of the morning the dolphins are free to play and leap in the air, they are so fun to watch. By the afternoon they are busy playing with the guests and showing off!
Our Longaberger booty!

Trying out my new lip balm! With all the wind blowing it came in very handy .... so did the hat!
After a very long day of flying across the country, customs, airport shuttles, and hotel check in we all 3 were exhausted and ready to get into our Jammie's. It was Valentine's Day when we arrived so I brought some warm, cozy Jammie's to get into! FYI, it was warm and humid when we arrived, outside. Our room was FREEZING so we turned off the air. After we returned from dinner the room was still so cold so we wanted to turn on a bit of heat to take off the chill .... Guess what? They do not have ANY heat in the entire Atlantis resort! They don't need it, only air conditioning. So interesting how different places do things!
Tomorrow .... day two and the White Dinner!


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  1. Oh wow! I love the Bahamas!
    I bet you had a blast. The view is so beautiful!
    Did you want to come back home? =)