Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shoofly Potpie ... Almost Done!

Good afternoon quilters! I purchased this cute kit last week ... Shoo fly PotPie. It's a "small" quilt and these tend to be some of my favorites to make. Doing these little gems is a perfect way to practice or learn a new block pattern, technique or in this case working with an unfamiliar fabric. I love the way homespun fabric looks mixed with other fabrics so this little quilt sucked me right in! However, I have never sewn with homespun nor the plaid flannel type of fabric included in the kit. What I learned ... it's not very stable, meaning it stretches easily, it freys VERY easy and when you press this fabric you must be very careful as it will mis-shape itself quickly!

Here's my little Shoo fly Pot Pie. I even hand quilted it ... tonight I will sew down the binding and it will be complete! After a few battles with the fabric I am very please with the outcome.
One of my scrap bins ... I have found the perfect place to use these messy little scraps ....

Wonky Maverick Stars. These lopsided stars will eventually be the center piece of a table runner for a dear friend. This gift is about 6 months past due so hopefully it will be done before I head to Atlantis!

Finally I want to share my new tenants ... yes my feathered friends have returned and built the teeny tiniest nest in my Burch tree. I kept hearing an unusual chirping sound from my sewing room window. I went downstairs to search it out and found this ....
Can you see that tiny little nest in the center of the picture?

Here it a bit close. The mommy is sitting on the nest with one eye on me. I love watching the little birds, but these are way up in the tree so I won't be able to peek inside their little nest.  Oh sigh ....

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