Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 200th Birthday!

Chapter 1

"It is widely known that a single man of good fortune is in want of a good wife." If this opening sentence is familiar to you then you are a fan of author Jane Austen. Most readers of Miss Austen's novels believe that her book "Pride and Prejudice" was her first book. However, in truth it was "Sense and Sensibility." Today we celebrate the 200th birthday of the first publication of Pride and Prejudice. Little did Miss Austen know that her handwritten novel would be the most widely read book .... ever! 

Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott are my two favorite authors with "Little Women" and "Pride and Prejudice" equally my favorite books! Raised as an only child I found siblings in these two books and their large families. Interestingly Jane Austen lived in the mid 17 hundreds, Louisa Alcott in the mid 18 hundreds and I was born in the mid 19 hundreds ... and yet the stories these two women wrote could so easily apply to my world. Change the language and the cloths and we (women) are still the same still looking for the same things. To be loved without condition. Also, of interest to me was both of these strong, amazing women were never married. They both wrote of love and of marriage and they both did it so well.

So Miss Austen, happy birthday to your second born. May it live on for another 200 years.

Jane Austen

Louisa May Alcott
Mr. Darcy will live in the hearts of love struck women forever, thank you Jane

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