Friday, January 11, 2013

With the holiday's behind me I have been spending my days getting caught up on my many quilt projects. My husbands son left on the 7th and I finally have my sewing room back! I really missed that room ... sewing with everything in one place is so nice!! I love it in there with all my fabric and good lighting and a comfy chair and, and, and ....
My first project to complete is Grant's March. This quilt has been a giant thorn in my side. From the very beginning I have struggled with the pattern and the required "tool" necessary to make it. It seemed as though every block had it's own set of issues. You can probably tell by the name of the quilt it is a Civil War pattern, my favorite kind! However, just like I can only imagine Grant was Marching into an unimaginable hell this quilt was hell and I'm so glad it's completed and ready to visit my long arm quilter tomorrow.

Here it is, minus the half square triangle inner boarder. I fought with this quilt for to many hours. To even begin thinking of adding those little guys was frightening! I opted for the easy way ....
  As I was packing up the Christmas decor I decided to keep one of my treasured angels out for awhile. She has come in quite handy holding a quilt. I think she was secretly designed to do this, it just took me a loooong time to know it.

I ask you, isn't she just perfect! 
 While I sew I love to watch British movies ... here are some of my newest ones I received for Christmas ..
Return to Cranford is so good! The newest addition of Jane Eyre and the BBC version of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I hope to soon add Downton Abby to my collection as well. Doesn't my angel look better holding a quilt??

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