Friday, January 25, 2013

Gearing up to Quilt!

As I enter into 2013 I have been huddled in my sewing room catching up on my 2012 quilt projects! With many of them now complete I have been looking into the future to see what I might want to create next! With the help of the internet I was able to shop in Green Spring, WI. at my favorite shop "Country Sampler." The box arrived today and when I opened it I thought, "my blog buddies have to see this." 
Aren't these so pretty? They wrapped my purchases up in the pretty tissue and tied it with a bow! Oh my, I felt so special!! 
Enclosed in the cello bag is everything I need to make Message Board, a pattern in Moda's little Candy pattern booklet. I love the tones they selected, grey, taupe's and brick reds ... so pretty.

I have coveted Tobacco Rose for a long time. It is made from "cheater" cloth with inside and outside borders. Very simple, but I just love the body fabric. I plan to have it quilted in a unique pattern to make it pop! Can't wait!! Using this kind of fabric is a great way to make a quilt quickly and perfect for beginners!!

My very favorite quilt magazine was on the counter when I went to the Orange Quilt Bee. I usually find one favorite ... Oh my goodness, this month I found THREE!!

These hexagons are adorable .... the difficulty level is ADVANCED! Yikes, I am not advanced, but I love this and REALLY want to make it. Maybe I can tweak it and make it intermediate .... hummm, what do ya'll think?

Here is another fav of mine. I think this one is intermediate. The difficulty with this is the center block is paper pieced ... I have never done this in my life, hummm, think I can learn???

And finally Red, Red Wine. Love the color choices and design. At first glance it looks simple enough, nope it's not, another ADVANCED project. Humm, of the three I think I choose the middle one and see how I do with that before I move on!
Well folks, here are my winter projects and dreams. Let's see how I do!

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