Friday, January 30, 2015

Superbowl 49

Granted, I am not a huge football fan like my good friend Amy. However, I do watch some games with my hubby and I do keep track of those Green Bay Packers to see what Amy gets all fired up about. The football I enjoy most his college ball and even that isn't life altering!

This week has been football hell. The Superbowl will air on Sunday and it can not be over fast enough for me! It seems like every news channel ... including The O'Rilley Factor, AOL log on pages and even TV specials are focused on the Superbowl. EEKS! If I see/hear Marshawn Lynch one more time saying "I'm only here so I don't get fined" I'm am literally going to scream.

May I introduce to you Mr. Marshawm Lynch ... tat's and all.

#24, he has no comment, he's on the field so he doesn't get fined.
 Then there in Richard Sherman. He is some kind of super dude that according to himself the Seahawks just can not do without. As of today he is "unsure" if he will play or not on Sunday. His girlfriend is having a baby and it might come on Sunday! OMG, give me a break. He has known this baby's due date for at least 8 months and it never occurred to him he might be playing in the Superbowl? Perhaps he and the girlfriend could have worked this out before now? Personally, I hope he doesn't play and his replacement is amazing causing the coaches to realize he is replaceable. Stay home Richard, I'm so over you.

PS - Get a hair cut.
 I think Pete Carroll is an awesome football coach. I loved him when he was USC's coach. This man has class and such knowledge of the game of football. How he managed to take a group of egotistical, over paid men to Superbowl 48 and then win it is a feat in itself! Good luck Pete, you're gonna need it.

Pete Carroll, Seattle Sea Hawks coach
 Finally I bring to you "deflategate." My issue with this whole scandal is ... why didn't a player from the Seattle Sea Hawks say something about the mushy football during the game? You mean not one Sea Hawk touched the ball/s in question the whole time? Shame on them, this issue should/could have been a non-issue had some of these overpaid players spoken up at game time. Did Tom Brady deflate his ball/s?

Tom Brady - deflater on not?
 That is too funny .. hehe. Did coach Belacheck order it to be deflated? Or ...did the guy paid $18.00 an hour - the equipment manager decide on his own to let the air out of the ball? Oh please, really?

This is what you get when pay grown men millions of dollars to play with balls.

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