Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy 2015! Wow, another year is underway and I am still sorting through Christmas pictures to post! Time really needs to slow down for this ol gal.
My son and his family were in town for a few days after Christmas to celebrate with the So Cal side of the family! We had such a great time except for the fact that he arrived here at mid-night with an abscessed tooth. After a 12 hour drive to get here I put him back into a car and hauled him to the local Urgent Care to get some medications to hold him over until his dental appointment on Monday. Two hours later he was medicated with an antibiotic, pain meds and Mortrin! The next day we celebrated Christmas again. My grand-daughter Karlee wanted a foot spa ... like every good sister she gave her brother a pedicure ...

What a life! Austin is getting a pedicure while eating warm chocolate chip cookies, life is ruff!
An embarrassed Karlee soaking her feet. Mom was giving her a pedicure this time. She is wearing her new gymnastics outfit that I gave her for Christmas!
Austin is such a goofy kid, like his Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Shawn he had elf pj's, he brought them with him so while he had his on I got a pic of his auntie and mommy wearing their elf Jammie's too!

Three Christmas elves in my living room, just love these kids .... big and small.
Ruby the French Bulldog came for Christmas as well. After a rough day of playing and barking she decided to take a nap with her brother 
Austin on daddy's lap.

Along with providing his services as a pillow my son is finding a way to check and send emails. Is that a contented dog or what??
 Well folks, this is all for Christmas 2014, I have posted the final family events for the year ..... tomorrow, quilting!! Woo hoo!

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