Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Treasures ....

I really love making small quilts. They don't take much room, I can quilt them myself, it's a great place to use small pieces of fabric and they are so fun to tuck in places all over my home.
With the holiday's in the rear view mirror I have had more time to spend at my sewing machine making little treasures, finishing projects from the fall and even made a tote!

This is one side of my completed tote! What a ton of work this fella was ...
and side two. My friend Debbie and I took a class at the Star's and Scrap's quilt shop in Corona. We started in December and had to finish in January. This was a labor intensive bag, about 20 hours of hard sewing went into it!
 Next I finished up a quilt I started at a retreat I attended in the fall. It's all pieced, borders are on, now it needs to go to the long arm quilter!

I am really pleased how this came out. I even mitered the corners of the inner border without any help!! Woo hho a first for me!
 My friend Penny gave me the best 2015 calendar for Christmas this year. Each month is on a 4 x 6 piece of card stock with a picture of a small quilt on the front with the pattern to make it on the back! I have been busy making February and March ....

February is almost pieced, isn't this the best calendar idea for a quilter?
And February is done! LOVE it.
 Next up ... March

I don't have a lot of brights, especially greens, but I did find enough to get a small quilt made.
I call these crosses, the pattern calls them Shamrocks!
A favorite spot in my sewing room. An antique cradle filled with small quilts and my handmade doll Emma, she's from Australia. The wool quilt was done by my dear friend Paula.
If your a quilter, stamper, crafter or maybe a painter be sure to take time for your craft, nurture it. This is something you can leave as a legacy long after we're gone.


  1. This looks like a fun calendar and the patterns look very doable. Can you share who published the calendar?


  2. Hi Terry, The calendar came from Temecula Quilt Co. and it was created by the owner Sheryl Johnson. It's a great idea and the small quilts are very simple! Enjoy.