Saturday, January 24, 2015

Vintage Flea Market

The definition of Vintage:
—used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc. 

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a "Vintage Flea Market" I thought this would be great fun and a wonderful way to pass along some of my wonderful treasures that have been living far to long in my closets!

Yesterday afternoon I headed off to my friends house to set up my vintage treasures ...

Because we were the first ones there we got to pick where we would like to set up our vintage shop. We selected the dining room, it offered a lot of light, ample room and we were the first space the shoppers landed as they entered. The French rooster lamp was a huge hit, could have sold him numerous times!
Lucy and Judy ( far right) have been a part of my doll collection for many years. They have been living in the closet for awhile and today I am excited to say they have moved to a new home and will be living in Victoria's studio.
Many moons ago I decorated my guest room in a "French" style. When I re-did it all of these toile items were delegated to the closet ... (that closet was really full) Along with Tanya's Frenchie alarm clock these all went to the same loving home. However, one of the striped pillow cases was later found on the sidewalk, oh dear! I was so glad the finder new where it came from!!
Longaberger baskets, lamps and several of my quilts also found new places to call home!

The event hostess Marty (left) and her adorable daughter Mindy ...
Another vendor had the most wonderful succulents for sale ...
These signs were amazing. She does all of her work free hand with chalk. She was still in the setting up stages when I snapped this pic.

Here she is!! The chalk artist Ms. Katie! If you would love to have some of her work done for yourself she can be contacted at And speaking of talented ladies ... do you see the white chair on the left? That is a slip cover and it fits absolutely PERFECT. She can work wonders with fabric and a sewing machine! I am having her re-cover some chairs for me, I am soooooo excited! For affordable, detailed custom sewing and/or lessons she can be reached at 714-686-1261 and ask for Michelle.
Some of Michelle's pillows, a partial pic of Marty's couch and the chair on the top right ... she made a slip cover for it last night! OMG and has 3 children under 5! Yikes, she is amazing.
It was just the best day, so many of my friends and customers popped in to shop. Tanya, my partner in crime was by my side selling her wares and making me laugh. My daughter Tiffany came by and did some shopping and helped me out with photography!

Happy shoppers, can you see they are all talking at the same time! Women, we just love to find a good deal and TALK.
 So ... the definition of Vintage .... Tanya and I fit it to a "T". Many of the other vendors were providing new products, never gently used. But, we all melded together beautifully and each brought something different to the market place!

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