Monday, February 2, 2015

Wonderful Weekend

Don't you just love it when you have a wonderful weekend? I do. Saturday afternoon my daughter and I attended our first 6 year old birthday party! Yep, we went to Miss Olivia's party ... this was an all adult women party celebrating little Miss O.

Once we all were there our hostess, Olivia's mom Pam had us hide before Olivia arrived home. She walked in and was chatting with her mom when we heard our que to pop out. "SURPRISE!!" we all yelled and scared the poor kid to death! It was such fun. Then we sat in our seats to begin our art project. Each of us were given a small canvas and paints. We could paint what ever we wanted and this week Olivia and mommy will be hanging them on Olivia's bedroom wall.

Miss Olivia, the birthday girl! Isn't she adorable??
Deanna and Margaret working hard on their art work ....
Four of the six paintings ... we did such a fabulous job!

This is my beee u tiful creation ...

A very happy girl. Tiff and I got her a beginners sewing machine!
Olivia is an only child and is very bright. When you have a conversation with her she sounds like she about 26 instead of 6! Such an adorable little girl. Happy Birthday O, we love you!

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday. As you know I am not a huge football fan but we did watch the game. I have to admit, it was quite a game! Kept you on your seats edge the whole time. I was rooting for know one so every play I could cheer! Woo hoo! Katy Perry's half time performance was GREAT, she was very entertaining to be sure. And lets not forget those commercials!!

However, the best part of the day was Family Game Night. We played Go For It, a very old game my 32 year old son loved to play as a child.

All set up and ready to play. The game is a mix between Monopoly and Life.
Tiff is in the process of explaining the game to Joe.
Mr Joe, my hubby can't hear and I guess he can't see either! He got out his little flashlight to read to game board! Shawn, sitting to his left was cracking up. Being a retired attorney Joe had to read and research every detail of his turn. OMG, he is too much.

 You'll never guess who was the winner of the game. Yep, is was the youngest player, little Ms Betsy.
Just look at her, she telling me how to play her move. I can't prove it but I'm sure she cheated!

Thank you Tiffany and Shawn for keeping us young ... we so need it!

Mr. Joe laughing at Betsy and I.

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