Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Tiny Quilt ...

There has been a lot of quilting going on around here since Christmas! I have sent three quilts off to the quilter in various sizes, completed two doll quilts with a third one almost done! I'm hand quilting it right now then all I need to do is trim it and put on the binding. I picked the kit up while I was at Road to California at the Star's and Scraps booth. Sadly I have just learned that this wonderful shop is following in the path of so many others. It will only be open three days a week as well as online sales. I imagine in the near future the shop will close entirely. It's just sad to see so many of my favorite shops closing.

However, on a brighter note my friend Tanya came and sewed with me on Wednesday. She finished her first hand quilted doll quilt!! She has done a great job as a student and has nice tension to her hand stitches!

Here it is! Tanya actually pieced this one as well ... This was the first time she has attached a binding and learned how to do mitered corners!!
Tada! Binding is stitched down and done.
A closer look at the hand stitchery!! Good job my friend keep it up.

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