Saturday, February 7, 2015

Betsy Ross ....

I haven't spoken about her lately but Betsy Ross my blog dog is alive and doing very well!! She brings a lot of joy to both my husband myself and all those who come for a visit. We had some company yesterday who completely wore her out! After they left she made a nest in her favorite blanket and settled in for a nice winters nap.

Is this the face of contentment or what?? As I sit and blog my faithful Betsy is always close by to put in her two cents!
Ever so slowly my rag rug is coming together. I've made a couple in the past but it seems I had forgotten some key points. Like how to make the connecting knots and the way to transition from row to row. However, I did manage to figure it out early enough that I am on track once again!
Check it out!! I've got everything going the right direction!
While I was at Road to California I saw Michelle from the Rusty Crow just whipping her rugs out and I was reminded again how fun and relaxing they are to do. My friend Debbie got her own little tool and instruction book. She hopes to make rugs for their little cabin in the woods. These will look perfect in a woodsy cabin!
As you can see I have a long way to go before this is a rug!
I'm almost out of fabric strips. I will need to go into my sewing room and get busy cutting a lot more 1 1/2 inch strips.
 This morning while waiting for the property appraiser to arrive I attached the the binding to my newest small quilt. 
The binding is sewn on and clipped down for the final stitches. Love this pomegranate fabric!
I hand quilted this little piece. Note the arc's in the white triangles! This was a fun one to do.
All done! Nice and bright for a Spring table.

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