Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentines ...

With Valentines day just a few days away I got busy this weekend getting my Valentines ready. I sent three cards with a little gift inside to my grand kidlets, wrapped my daughters valentine gift and I bought a card from Betsy Ross the blog dog to give to her favorite brother-in-law Shawn! Not sure yet what she wants to give him ... probably food so can can beg for a bit or two! I have a little something for my sweetheart that  I will hide somewhere clever for him to find.

I have a Longaberger Branch meeting coming up on Valentines Day morning so I fixed up a baskets of Conversation Hearts for the girls ...

Longaberger 2015 Easter Basket

Since I bought the new Easter Basket in pink I thought it was the perfect basket to carry my Valentine gifts to our meeting. I am also bringing my moss covered bunny to decorate the basket with once all the boxes are gone. This year our baskets are available in 6 color options! I love them all, so hard to choose.

A side view ... I wrapped some pink and green ribbon around the handle and tied bows on each side.  Easter is still two months away but like everything Longaberger, we sell at least two months ahead!
All of the Longaberger Bunnies and Eggs match the baskets of the same colors. If you are interested in purchasing any of the wonderful items for Spring please feel fee to email me at!
Happy Sunday ... Downton Abby is on in 30 minutes Pacific Time!

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