Friday, January 24, 2014

"The Road to California"

If you live in Southern California and you love to quilt I can almost guarantee you will spend at least one day this weekend at the Ontario Convention Center attending the Road to California quilt show! This is our chance to see first hand several quilt shops from all over the country. 1800's reproduction fabrics are my favorite and we don't have a lot available to us in So. Cal. so on this day I was like a kid in a candy store!
Believe it or not I forgot to bring my camera and it wasn't until I was in the final building that it occurred to me to use my I phone! They are not the best but you'll get the idea of what I was buying and ogling!!
What the heck is this??? For heaven's sake I'm at a QUILT show! Well .... this is a tiny reminder for me to make this next Christmas! OMG did I say Christmas?? This is a garland made from wool scraps and grungy rusty bells. Trust me when I say it is ADORABLE and will look awesome on my mantle!

This is just one of the many booths we shopped in. They went all out with this darling garden trellis, picket fences, and even live planted flower boxes. Penny is tucked in on the left wearing a white shirt. She is very busy shopping for something fabulous!

I am not a "cutesy" quilter but I love the garland dangling on the antlers. This garland has fabric scraps, big buttons and more rusty jungle bells!

Some of my treasures ... the two on the left are from a shop called Pinwheels. They are Diwabo fabrics from Japan. I love the rich textures and unusual colors. Also ... very expensive. Top is a tiny thimble quilt pattern and cuts from Primitive Gatherings. Lisa's booth is just chalk full of so many of my favorite things ....

This is another one of those "Little" quilts that I just love! It is black, red and tan .... my favorites!

OOPS! This is upside down! The kit on the left is the one above and purchased from the Farmers Homestead. She had DARLING things! The bottom is a cute two piece mini quilt set from the Red Door, an online only quilt shop with wonderful yummy things. Do you have bins FULL of fabric scraps? This little tool is just the perfect thing to make scrappy, raggedy rugs!! I can't wait to get busy on this project.

Now this is another one of those pictures that just doesn't make any sense until I explain it! The tall green thing is actually a chenille Christmas tree. Wrapped around it is  a very cleaver garland. (I must have a thing for garlands!) What she has done is this ... take a strand of primitive tree lights tie fabric scraps onto the strand between the light and voila a rag garland with lights! So cute.

It just doesn't look like much when it's all laid out but I sure put a dent in my pocket book!!

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