Friday, January 10, 2014

Helloooooo 70's .....

Remember the Avocado greens, Burnt oranges and Harvest golds that were so popular in the 1970's?? Well guess what .... they're baaaccckk!
 1972 Classic Cook Center
 I am not kidding when I say this ... my next door neighbor still has this stove!!!

1974 Sixteen Speed Blender
I was the very proud owner of this gold blender. It still worked when I gave it to Goodwill!

Yep, I took my daughter in law shopping last Saturday to select some fabric so I can make her family a quilt for Christmas ... yes I am VERY late with this! I was so surprised at the fabrics she selected. It's obvious to me that she doesn't remember the horrible avocado green carpets so many of us sported in our homes and the harvest gold appliances that NEVER wore out! General Electric (GE) put something very special in those 70's appliances that made our washers, dryers etc. last forever. I honestly believe my old refrigerator in a lovely harvest gold is still humming away somewhere in someones garage keeping the "beer" cold. 
Now that the holidays are packed away and my final house guest flew home today (he was housed in my sewing room!) I can get back to finishing up some long over due quilts and begin the 70's Flower Power Quilt!
Here they are! The 70's re-visited! I think the Tiffany Blue softens the oranges and golds! I will be sure to share this with you once it has been completely done ....

This pattern has been made over and over for fund raisers and friends. I had to giggle when I read the name of the pattern ... Flower Power. I'm finally making something that lives up to it's name!!
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  1. Wow Betsy - Your take on the colors from the 70's is spot on! And I feel exactly like you - been there - done that! Another thing I've noticed is that owls are popular again - UGH! Have fun sewing the new quilt - I'm sure your DIL will love it when it's done!