Sunday, January 5, 2014

The "Great" Generation ....

I made a decision this year that I was not going to make New Years Resolutions that revolved around "me" but I have resolved to focus this year on my husband Joe.
 In October he celebrated his 80th birthday and I have come to accept that he will not always be with me. I need to spend more time focusing on his needs and doing things that will give him joy. 
Joey, my husbands oldest son arrived in town on January 2 to spend a week with his dad and Joe's youngest son arrived on the 3rd to install our Plantation Shutters ... a gift we gave each other for Christmas. 

Darn, the flash didn't go off! This is our living room.

And the family room window next to my hubby's corner of the sofa ...
Since we had two of his four children here I contacted his daughter to see if she would like to come for a visit as well. Before you know it we have a house full. What I feel was the highlight of the evening were the three great grand children. His newest great grandson "Hunter" born November 23rd was able to join us as well!

Hunter and Papa Joe. Hunter was such a good baby. He let everyone hold him all evening long and hardly a peep out of the little guy.
 We also had Brock (2) and his sister Madison (6) and they were just so sweet. They too loved being here with there Papa Joe....

Little Brock wearing his new Superman boots! He loved those boots and wouldn't take them off.

Madison with the new doll we gave her, she named her Bella and she told us all several times it meant "pretty."

A bit fuzzy but this is as close up as Brock would let me get! I LOVED his new tie T-Shirt!
Brock made a new best friend ... Shawn played with him for hours and Brock just loved him. He made them scarves with the tissue from his gift bag. Shawn is so good with kids!!
For some crazy reason several of my pictures of the evening didn't come out. Must be the photographer! Today Joe enjoyed hours and hours of football viewing on the TV while I did dishes and put the house back together! Amazing what  MESS 15 adults can create!!

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