Friday, February 14, 2014

Rest in Peace sweet Shirley

My mom and Shirley Temple grew up together. On screen that is! So when I was just a small girl my mom sent her treasured Shirley Temple doll to the local doll hospital for a make over. She got a new wig and her make up was refreshed. They replaced all of her elastic bands that allowed movement of her arms and legs.
Once she returned home she became my cherished doll. I grew up watching her old movies like so many of my friends. 
Many years later Shirley would find her way into my own daughters heart and arms. I purchased her old movies on DVD and on long rainy days I have been known to pull them out and watch them. Like was so simple then. No one could tap dance like that little girl with a head full of bouncy curls.
Shirley Temple was a rarity in so many ways. She left show business at just the right time, married her sweetheart and for many years she disappeared from public life. Years later she would become an Ambassador for the United States. Can you imagine any one better to be our Ambassador? We could use a whole passel full of Shirley Temples in today's crazy world. 
What she could have taught other child star's like Lindsay Lohan or Justin Bieber to name a few if only given the chance.
After 85 years she has now passed from this world and on to another. 
Rest in Peace sweet Shirley, Rest in Peace ....

shirley temple

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