Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everything is Awesome ...

Last weekend we celebrated our last and final Christmas for 2013 .... yes, yes I know it's 2014 but we just got together with my son and his family to celebrate the season.
They all arrived on Friday night so we gathered together Saturday afternoon. Here are a few pics ...
9 year old Austin and a crazy ski cap ...

Karlee has a new sparkly top ... She loves sparkles!

Mom Lacey with her Tarina Tarentino jeweled earrings and bracelet ....

The girls with their French Bull dog brush and compact ... We love our bull dogs!
This is my lovely foot modeling Alexia's new booties!
 Austin is an avid Lego fan, so he and his sister
Karlee and I headed off to see the "Lego Movie." It was awesome ... both children and adults will love what this movie has to say!
After the movie was over we headed to Toys R Us so Austin could pick out his Christmas gifts from grandma. Yep, you got it, he picked out some of the character's from the movie.
Meet the star of the movie - Emmit the master builder complete with his instruction manual ... so very important for every master builder!! All those peeps behind Emmit are a small group in the cast of characters this movie offers.

This happy fella is the pirate metal beard. Check out the skull and cross wrenches! They spare no expense to details. You need to see the movie to understand the story of this pitiful pirate!

And finally the Ice Cream truck aka rocket!
 Thank you for sharing my family Christmas! Now load up your car and go see an "AWESOME" Lego movie!

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