Friday, August 30, 2013

A Busy Week ....

I can't believe it's already Friday, the last Friday in August, yikes the days just fly by. We are in the midst of a horrible heat wave with the additional blessing of humidity. I do NOT fare well with humidity. Makes me crabby!
To avoid the heat I have attempted to say busy in places where it tends to be cool ... inside my house! Monday the gals and I stayed inside all day and sewed, Tuesday I met with my previous co-workers for lunch and to celebrate our summer birthdays and Wednesday evening I hosted our first Origami Owl team meeting at my home. There were three designers and two designers in waiting in attendance and we had a great time networking and swapping ideas to grow our fledgling businesses.
Some business materials ready to greet the girls!
 Thursday my pal Tanya came out to Fullerton and we had our pedicures done at the Golden Dragon Nail Spa 

All done, she did such a nice job digging out all my toe aliens!! Hate those little buggers!
 Afterwards Tanya and I headed over to the Lazy Dog Cafe' and had the best lunch, cold crisp lettuce wraps and a grilled quesadilla. This of course was followed by DESSERT! My favorite part of any meal.

You have to admit, this looks AWESOME!
 The Lazy Dog is built with the feel of a mountain lodge ....
 This is the light fixture high in the ceiling in the entry way ... Love the birch branches dangling from high above. 

  Another pic from inside ....
 As Friday unfolds I had coffee with a long time friend visiting from Arizona. She has been here visiting family and attending her grandson's wedding! Yike's, I can't believe we are old enough for her to have a grandson getting married!!
 Have a great Labor Day!

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