Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Road Trip days 3 and 4!

  As our road trip continued we hit the road bright and early and headed for Morro Bay. 

Our fearless leader Danae driving away in the little Soul. Down the hill we went headed south ...

Our first stop was in Cuyucos at the Brown Butter Cookie Shop. OMG they are the best cookies ever! Then a quick trip through one of the local Antique shops where I found a couple of treasures to commemorate my trip! Next stop, Morro Bay.
We had lunch on the pier while watching the fishermen bring in the catch. Followed by a trip to the Salt Water Taffy shop to get a two pound bag of assorted goodies for my hubby. He is addicted to this gooey stuff! We went down the boardwalk and visited some of the local shops, supported the Morro Bay economy a bit and then back on the road.

By now it was time to do a little more wine tasting. This was a cute little shop in Cambria.
After dinner the youngins wanted a cocktail ... here is the menu ... my how things have changed

Isn't this picture awesome ... the waitress took it ... blurry, eye glasses are glaring ... she must have been drinking too many of her cocktails!
Next stop - HOME and into our jammies, my favorite time of the day!! Tanya bought all of us a foot mask so we put on the mask and our feet went into a plastic bag. Next ....
Game time!! We played Bubble Talk. This was sooooo fun, These two didn't want to play but I think they had the most fun. Danae was the winner after a slow start. If your looking for a fun family game, this is a great one!  
We all went to bed by mid-night since we were packing up and heading home the next day. NOT ready to go home ...

Holy Moly, how will I see out the back window?? I didn't, that's why we have side mirrors!! So the cars are packed and we're on the road by 9 am ...

A quick stop at Avila Beach ...

This little Inn was the first place my hubby took the kids and I for a vacation, so many fond memories!

Yep, we made another stop in Arroyo Grande and picked up a few more treasures. That's my little blue, three wheel stroller and Tanya has yet to purchase and pack a nail keg. By the time all this as loaded I REALLY couldn't see out the window!
We all had such a great time together, women need to feed their souls once in awhile with other women to giggle, shop, and just be silly!!

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