Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's All About the Food!

Over the past 4 years I have released a ridiculous amount of weight from my body. However, I have yet to master the release of my craving for sweets! Monday, I hosted sewing with my gal pals Rita and Penny. I wandered into Polly's Pie Shop, a local Fullerton favorite and saw this in the pie case glaring at me ....

Fresh Peach Melba pie ... how does one not want to bring this beauty home!

Oh my gosh, this was so yummy and fresh and summery!
Today I met with my X coworkers for lunch to celebrate our summertime birthdays! Yes, I am still celebrating, I love birthdays ... So they had salads and I had a small cup of corn chowder, Mimie's makes the best chowders! AND then we had this ....
Another delicious dessert. This was so perfect, three samplings of a Brownie Sundae, warm Bread Pudding and Apple Crisp a la mode'! We each sampled all three and decided they were all fabulous and deserved a blue ribbon.
 While my grandkids were visiting the youngest, Alexia (4 yo) decided to leave a little treat behind for far away grandma. I found it yesterday when I was getting out the aluminum foil.
There's my dessert in the bottom left corner ...

Here's a closer look. Papa Joe bought donuts on Friday morning ... it appears Lexi ate some of it and got full. However, she wasn't to full to lick off the chocolate and most of the sprinkles! Very carefully she tucked it into the drawer so no one else could get it and I would find it for a snack! How you ask do I know it's Alexia??? The other two don't like donuts or sweets, she take after grandma and loves her goodies!
As I wrap up today's post about food I just had to show one more final pic. This was a gift from Joan today ... it's fresh basil. Smells divine and will be delicious in home made spaghetti sauce. See I do eat greens!!

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