Monday, August 26, 2013

I Feel Transition in the Air .....

I stayed home all day yesterday cleaning and doing piles and piles of laundry after my son and his families visit.

One load of towels another one followed. Then bedding, bedding and clothes! My machine was exhausted!!
 In between all that laundry I cleaned all the sticky stuff off my furniture, refrigerator, walls and cleaned puppy spots off the carpet. Oh such joy! I also played with a few of my Abe's. Yep, Abe Lincoln is my man. I recently received a new one from my pals  Paula! That's him on my quilt cubby below. I also received my new Longaberger Ware basket with metal upsplints on Saturday and I just have it sitting in my quilt vignette waiting to be filled with beautiful Civil War quilts!

Another awesome gift came from Rita. She gave me a Civil War coffee table book as well as a 1 cent postage stamp from her visit to Illinois. I bordered him with some pieced quilt fabric and framed him ... love it!!

A final shot of my noodle board vignette with my new bell ring that I also received from my dear friend Ronna for my birthday. Fall is definitely in the air, I found some yummy candle tarts to burn in cinnamon bun and caramel apple! Together they make my house smell so cozy and autumnal. Until tomorrow!!


  1. love the look of Abe. and your house. It actually feels like fall up here. slept with covers last night. Looking forward to my liquid amber tree turning reds and orange. I'll send pics. always love seeing what your up to. so much inspiration. think I'll go light a cinnamon pumpkin candle. take care see you soon. Paula

  2. Wow! You have been 1 busy lady! Come and wash Mr. Shattuck's clothes... Mine are done.. Love the Abe stuff, mostly the cool frame! The ladies know just what to buy you :-)
    Thx for sharing, Love you! Ralph