Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's Bake Cookies!

Finally ... my daughter has finally decided she wants to learn how to make Christmas cookies. I quit baking them several years ago for a lot of reasons ... too fattening, a lot of work, not enough people eating them. My daughter asked for them last year and I told her "sure, if you're willing to help make them." No cookies were made. So this year, early in the season she asked again and we set a date.
Yesterday, December 20th 10:00 am was cookie day!
I was up bright and early, Betsy my blog dog and I went to McDonald's and got my iced coffee, came home and by 10:00 I had already baked two batches of cookies. Pantry Shelf and Gingerbread cookies, oh so yummy.

Dry ingredients, melted butter a whipped egg and poof, you have Pantry Shelf cookies!
Four dozen cookies done and ready to package!

Everything is ready for the Christmas cookies to be made, now where are the bakers?

Ms G came to join in the fun as well. She was assigned the job as official cookie dough roller.

Tiffany and Donna opening their first very own official cookie cutters!
Yep, the cookie cutters are working, the aprons are on, flour is everywhere, all is good.

Tray #1, sad looking group aren't they! The girls called them the Whoville Cookies from the Grinch! They were lopsided, mis-shaped, with pieces missing. Yep, we're in business!

After numerous trays of cut out cookies things were looking up. The dough stopped sticking to the rolling pin and the board. It was hard to stay back and let them learn on their own. I knew they would taste great no matter what they looked like!
Cookies, cookies everywhere cookies. Donna buckled down and got serious in the decorating. She even put on her glasses!

A few of Donna's masterpieces, she was quite the artist!

And mine .... orange Santa's ... yep we had all colors of Santa's!
 Tiffany was very creative and made Angels baseball stars. We shared a lot of laughs, created memories and we could feel the presence of my mom in the kitchen. I have all of her old cookie cutters from many, many years ago, I have used them for at least 30 years and now my daughter will soon carry on the tradition. 
I love traditions, family memories and laughter. All of these make the holidays special. We hope all of you are making your own holiday memories with the ones you love.

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