Monday, December 22, 2014

Farewell my sweet Jewel ....

Yesterday, December 21, 2014, the day of our Winter Solstice my sweet friend and surrogate mom Jewel left us and moved on to live with our heavenly father.
Sadly, in early August Jewel was at my home for a party. As her daughter Barb was packing up to go home Jewel experienced a stroke. Since that time it has been a slow and gradual decline. Barb took such loving care of her mom making life as comfortable for her as possible. Like all of us she knew her mother's days were short. At 94 years old Jewel had an amazing life. She was loved by many and will be greatly missed. 

Here is Ms Jewel on her 94th birthday with her daughter Janice. Look at that smile, this is how she always looked.
Jewel loved nothing more then her family and her flowers. Sitting in the back yard watching the birds and being surrounded by the beauty of nature was when she was the happiest.

When I received the call of her passing I wept. I will miss her happiness, the love she gave to all of us and her zest for life. After sitting alone for awhile I went into the kitchen for some water. Sitting in the kitchen window are the Paper Whites I received for a gift on Thanksgiving. Finally, after a week of watching it bud the very first bulb had a partially opened bloom!This was no coincidence, Jewel loved Paper Whites, this little bloom was telling me she was re-born now and resting in God's loving arms.

Thank you Jewel for so many happy memories ...

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