Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Piece of this and a Bit of That!

So many things coming together right now. I sent four small quilts off to the long arm quilter a few weeks ago and poof, she had them done in a flash.
Three of the four. These have the binding on them and I even put name plates on the back.

This is the First Ladies quilt. I love it, I have not yet finished it but soon ... soon!
 A week from today I was busy in the kitchen getting things ready for Thanksgiving dinner. In just three short weeks it will be Christmas Eve, yikes, it's flying by, time that is.

The table was set and ready for our 11 guests.
Complete with a See's Chocolate Turkey for each person, oh yum.
And it's time to eat!!
 Then in no time at all it was time to do those dreaded dishes. Yuck. I lucked out this year, since I did the bulk of the cooking this hearty group did the clean up.
Mom and daughter at the sink. Pam was the washer and 5 year old Olivia was in charge of rinsing. She was such a trooper, she rinsed every dish till they were done!  

And finally Penny, Paula and myself celebrated our friend Rita's birthday this past Monday.
The birthday girl with a gift ...

We enjoyed a light breakfast of chocolate croissants, yogurt with fresh raspberries, fruit, mimosas and coffee.
Oh yum, protein, fruit, grain ... just missing a vegetable!
A beautiful tray of festive fruits! Penny did such a fabulous job with the food!!
As I proceed further into the holiday season I hope to have my handy camera in hand to share the festivities with all of you!

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  1. Anita your quilts are BEAUTIFUL! What patience you must have to get one completed.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Season!