Friday, December 26, 2014


Awww yes, another Christmas season has come and gone. Everything seems to be on hyper speed these days. This holidays arrive much to fast and and then in a blink of an eye they are over.
2014 seemed to become the year of the Elf! Little Betty the Basket Elf arrived early and spread her cheer all over the house. She was then followed by these very large elves on Christmas eve. Our family went to Christmas Eve mass, followed by dinner with our friend Fr. Kelly.

Fr. Kelly, myself and Joe enjoyed a holiday meal together!
Once we got home we got settled into our comfy clothes and began watching A Christmas Carol ... something I have done every Christmas Eve for over 30 years. All of a sudden our family room was attacked by giant elves ... oh my it was so scary!

First they captured Betty the Basket elf and the rest was downhill from there. These giant elves were running a muck all over the house doing crazy elfish things!
Shawn the elf had a big red blinking nose .... to go with his giant ears!
Christmas morning ... the elves had spent the night and Santa filled their stockings
These two crazy elves brought a lot of joy and laughter into our home. I hope they come back next year for another exciting time.

Joe and I with our stockings, many, many years ago my mom made these stockings for all of us. Every year one or two of them need repair, the crocheting is coming apart. As long as I can repair them they will be a part of our family traditions.
7 am Christmas morning ... Santa was here, Santa was here!!!

I hosted Christmas breakfast this year so the kids could spend the afternoon with Shawn's family. I served this delicious cranberry walnut wreath, OMG it was delicious!!
Finally, it was time for the elves to head out and on to their next destination ... another beautiful Christmas in Southern California!

So long Christmas Elves .....

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