Monday, July 1, 2013

Amy has Arrived!

Wyoming is less one resident as of June 23rd! My long time pal has arrived just in the nick of time as the grand kiddies arrived on Monday the 24th. With Amy's help we plan to take the two older ones to San Juan Capistrano by Amtrak on Tuesday! This should be a lot of fun for all of us but first ... Amy needs a mani-pedi. And where else would I take her but to the Dragon Nail Spa to see Nancy and Lena!!

Meet Tracy! She is doing a fabulous job on Amy's toes ....

Awww, perfect little flower for her summer time sandals!

Now I ask you .... what's a girl to do while waiting for her friend to get a mani/pedi? Well this one decided to reorganize the nail polish display by company and colors!! Woo hoo, aren't they yummy to look at! The salon girls thought I was nuts, they were right, I am!  

 After she was all done we ran a couple of quick errands and then returned home. My son and his family had arrived and while Lexi was left unsupervised for a few minutes she visited far away grandmas office ... so she could find her way back the next time she left a little trail ....

A looooong strip of scotch tape, add a few post it notes on top ...
A trail all the way to the floor and then some additional ones on the carpet leading to the door ... All set, now Lexi can safely find her way back into grandmas office! Aren't grand children awesome!!
 To complete our first evening Karlee, my middle grand child did "make-overs" Yes er reee, Aunt Tiffany, mommy, Amy and grandma all had our make-up done. We looked fabulous daaaaling!

Amy, Auntie, and grandma ... we are lookin good!

"I'm ready for my close up Mr. De Mill" If you're an old movie buff like I am you will recognize the phrase from an aging Gloria Swanson movie! Amy was such a good sport! We laughed until we cried, she looked like the Joker's wife from Batman!
And this is mommy, this is just WRONG, Lacey even looks pretty with bad make-up! How can this be?
 Having the kids here is so chaotic, messy, noisy and FUN! I wouldn't change one minute of it! 

Tomorrow ... Amtrak, here we come!

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