Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11

July 11th ....

Celebrating Amy ....

A week ago Friday our Longaberger Manager, Debbie Linamen came to my house to host a small celebratory get together with Amy to present her with her awards for Sales and Sponsoring in her Longaberger business. It was a surprise, so I got up early and set up the patio table.

Set out the infamous chalk board! Love this thing!!
Amy, her high school friend Terri and Ms Debbie.

Debbie brought warm, home made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing! OMG, they were to die for!
For her hard work Amy was presented an adorable set of long legged black crows, (perfect for decorating our displays!) AND a gift card to Brighton Collectibles! I took Amy to the local Brighton Shop the very next day and she was able to get herself a darling brown patten leather wallet with a silver clasp! Way to go Amy and congratulations on your 2012/13 achievements!

Amy is #4 in our entire branch of 81 women!


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