Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things you Don't Usually See ....

A good friend of mine recently celebrated her 60th birthday. We finally coordinated our calendars and were able to get together for lunch and to catch up on life.
I chose a beautiful restaurant in Fullerton known for it's 5 star food and beautiful views. When I pulled up into the parking lot I was expecting to see the parking valet ... instead we were greeted with this ...

A HUGE oil drilling rig smack dab in the center of the parking lot!
I am aware as well as anyone that we are experiencing a fuel shortage ... but drilling for oil in the middle of a parking lot is crazy! It was very loud and very smelly! Fullerton as well as Brea, a neighboring town are known for their crude oil. In it's "hay" day gallon's of the liquid gold were pumped from the ground on a regular basis. 

A wider shot of the drill, it's hard to see but their is an American flag waving in the air high above the rig.
Fortunately were couldn't hear the noise of the drill or the aroma it produced from inside the restaurant!
This English Tudor style restaurant has a stunning view of the above picture.
 After a delicious meal of melt in your mouth Suka Bay Salmon salads we were served these beautiful deserts.
These were both served to Debbie! English Trifle and ice cream filled Pi federals. OMG, they were so yummy!
This one was packed up and taken home with the birthday girl.
 Such a lovey day with a wonderful friend.

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