Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Hot Muggy Miserable Day ....

Wow, is all I can say about this weather we are having. Hurricane something or other is off the coast of Mexico and it's making our So. California weather awful. We have had some rain which I am grateful for but what it has done is make the remainder of the day so humid you can cut the air with a knife!
So what does one do when the weather is bad?? Yep, you know me by now, you stay inside and sew!! 

My First Ladies quilt is almost done ... I need to put on my borders and then ship her off to the quilter!
Here are the ladies! I'm really loving this quilt so far, now all I need to do is choose my borders ...
The inner boarder is a cream and grey print from the Jefferson County fabric line and the outer fabric is a yummy grey from the Orchard House line both from Jeannie Horton. This is option one ...
Option #2, use a thin grey inner border before the cream ... Another option will be to use the gray, cream and a red print the will incorporate reds, greys and cream ....  decisions, decisions ....
Along with completing this I have begun working on a fall quilt called Autumn Orchard ....

Blocks are coming together ... this reminds me of the end of the season fall leaves all crunched up on the ground.  Hopefully it will be all done and ready for my Thanksgiving table!
 My journey with Dear Jane continues ... my friend and mentor Penny came over yesterday to teach me foundation piecing. This was much easier then I thought it would be ... however, it did not solve my Dear Jane block issues. Certain blocks are just beyond my skill level and I have to except that and move on and do what I can and let the rest go. Perhaps someday I will find the right teacher who has the "Dear Jane" knowledge to show me how to do the complicated ones!!

The most recent 7 ... some were very easy while others were very time consuming!! 17 blocks down ... a lot left to do!
 Finally, here is my foundation piecing accomplishment.

A square, in a square, in a square ... in one more square!! Just look at the perfect points, that's what foundation piecing is all about!


  1. That blue & cheddar quilt is SO yummy! Glad you're able to stay indoors where it's cool. I'm in Utah and I can't handle humidity either - yuck!