Monday, March 23, 2015

I have finally purchased a new lap top and will hopefully soon be able to blog once again!! I am experiencing difficulties navigating the computer not to mention my blog page! Yikes, why does technology have to change so fast?
Since I am still struggling with uploading pictures let me fill you in verbally with the events of the last month. We had Valentine's Day, my sweetie gave me a beautiful box of See's Made in America Candies. I needed those like I needed a hole in my head. If you are not from the west coast you won't know See's Candy. It is the richest, creamiest, most divine chocolate in the world. To make a long story short ... it's gone, I weigh more. The end.
I have been quilting like a crazy woman. Big ones, small ones and a few tiny ones. I just love the challenges of the tiny quilts. I have even begun to do a small amount of wool applique' and I mean small! One is done and on the wall while another is ready to begin. Maybe someday I'll be able to show you!
March 2nd I celebrated the 12th anniversary of my mom's passing. I cried most of the day and have mourned her absence everyday since.  The loss of a mom just never gets easy. No matter how old we are we always want our moms. If you have yours treasure her with all your being. Her birthday was a few weeks away, March 16th and again I cried. My son called and the two of us cried together. The two of them had such a special bond and he misses her almost has much as I do. At 75 years old she was just too young to pass.
Between these two difficult events I went to Maui with 5 of my favorite people. Unfortunately we had rain, (and rainbows) winds, even snow on Haleaka! First time in 27 years for snow and we had to be there. Oh, and yes, we had one day of sun!! I did experience an amazing luau and we dined at the new restaurant owned by rock legend Mick Fleetwood. He is there daily when he's "on island" as the locals say but of course with our luck he was in North Carolina! Geeze, why us. If you're ever there have the cocktail named "The Thomas." It is delicious!!
After a week of jet lag as well as our spring forward time change I am finally getting my bearings and beginning to feel like myself. Today my son celebrated his 33rd birthday, how can this possibly be? Just a few years ago he was my baby boy ... I so miss those days. I called him this morning, sang him my traditional birthday song and then once again the two of us shared a cry over his Mimie an my mom. She always had a way of making us feel so special on our birthdays.

The wedding photographer captured my kids to a tee! Happy Birthday Dustin.
 Woo hoo! I actually captured this from Facebook and inserted it in the correct spot!

"Spring has sprung, the grass has rizz, I wonder where the birdies is??" Something my mom would say, we fondly call them Mimieism's.

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  1. Ummmm...hello! I took that picture of those two beautiful kids!! you.
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