Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Did It!!

After hours of frustration I am proud to say I finally was successful in uploading a photograph AND I have also successfully added it to my blog!! Oh my, I am such a slow techie learner. Determination was definitely the name of the game.
Hopefully I will now be able to take more pictures and repeat what I have just spent two days figuring out!
The above picture is a spring hat I crafted over the weekend. A few fellow crafters joined me on Saturday to create a seasonal decorator item of their very own. I tucked my bonnet in a box filled with succulents and a fun bunny rabbit planter. My favorite thing is the bright yellow finch nestled in its nest perched on top.
There is something so fresh about the dawning of Spring. The flowers are blooming all over town. Fruit trees are in bloom preparing for their abundant summer harvest of fruits. And little critters are running all over my yard. Even in the city we have signals of Spring. Baby squirrels are running amuck in the neighborhood as well as tiny lizards are seen scampering from plant to plant avoiding the sniffing nose of our resident dog Betsy.
I hope this Spring finds you enjoying what your climate has to offer!

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