Wednesday, November 19, 2014

She's Baaaaak!

Yep, Miss Betty the Basket Elf is officially back. She disappeared shortly after the grand kids went home. I was told these little elves come and go as they choose. Although I was sad to see her go I guess that's how it goes. This morning I woke to the sound of my sewing machine downstairs. Since I am the only person who sews I was a little freaked out! 
I tip toed down the stairs to see who was sitting at the machine and much to my surprise it was Betty!

Wow, there she is, sewing her little heart out!
 I had purchased some Elf on the Shelf fabric to make some pillow cases for my grand kids. I guess Betty found out it was here and decided she needed to get them made in time to get them sent up north.

Little Betty was so focused she never even knew I was behind her snapping some pics!
By the time I got up she had two done and two to go. I think she loved the elf fabric.  
All done!! I stayed out of her way. Cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and doing a bit of laundry.
 With the pillowcases completed it was my turn to step in. I tied a fabric bow to each one and prepared a shipping envelope. I will send them early next week allowing them plenty of time to arrive by December 1st when Betty's cousin Sparkle is expected to arrive at their home.
Pressed, folded and tied up with a bow. The kiddies will be so excited!

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