Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow ....

Where I live is Southern California we have NO SNOW! That's OK with me most of the time. However, when the holiday season rolls around I find myself longing for snow on the ground and watching it fall while sitting inside by a warm cozy fire. This thought quickly passes when I hear the temperatures are dropping below freezing, pipes are bursting and many homes are without the necessary power to heat homes.
To help ease my need for snow my lady
friends and I made snow men ornaments.

So simple and so fun. 

Tanya and Donna just painting away ....
This is mine complete with a north star .....
All you need to do to make your own snow people ornament is paint the palm and fingers of your hand with white paint and firmly grasp an ornament. Paint your snow people any way you like, add some snow flakes and a north star if you like and poof, you have your own scenic snow day!!
The snow ornaments drying from my chandelier. 

 For me this is what the holidays are all about, spending time with friends creating memories together.

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