Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Slow Return ...

My double knee replacement surgery is now 2 months behind me and it has been a very slow journey to full recovery. In an attempt to move forward I decided I would take a stab at returning to my blog! With the "unofficial" launch of the holiday season beginning tomorrow with the "celebration of the dead" ...
Halloween, I am sharing with you just a few snaps of the Halloween sites around southern California.

A very popular attraction in So Cal is Knott's Berry Farm during Halloween. They feature something called "Knott's Scary Farm" and it is SCARY!! I will not go there, it's to creepy for me. This hearse is parked in the center of a major highway to remind "creepy seekers" to visit the farm. Check out the skeleton resting on the roof of the hearse!
Around the corner from my house is this usually adorable home. For now is is crawling (literally) with spiders! Look at the giant one on the roof!!
Along with the numerous spiders is a cemetery full of ghosts! Seriously, isn't that the cutest house ... if you can look past the creepy critters!!
Inside my family room I have hung my Scardy Cat quilt and a few other fall colored quilts. This is about as scary as I like my decorations.
The newest member of my pumpkin patch! This was given to me this morning by my friend Debbie. Using a spool if heavy string, ribbon, a chunky piece of wood for the stem and a sprig of berries I now have a pumpkin that will last as long I like!

 Thank you for stopping by today and sharing with my my Halloween experience. I hope to get back into the habit of blogging more regularly!!

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