Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

Easter week is upon us and I find myself in a teary place. I watched the "Dove Keeper" a made for television special about two Jewish women and their lives in ancient Masada, Israel.  Their story came to a close with the mass suicide of their entire community in order to prevent them from being tortured and raped by the Roman soldiers. These two brave women and a few children hid in Masada's sisturn system. They felt it was their duty to the tribe to tell the story of the complete annihilation of Masada's Jew's. And so they did, once captured by the Romans, they made an agreement with the Roman leaders to tell the Roman scribe of the Armies bravery if there lives were sparred. I cried as I watched these women endure the harsh lives they were living and wept for the women today who are living a similar torture all in the name of religion. 

Today, Christians are being slaughtered for their beliefs in Christ, much like they were thousands of years ago. As a human race I have come to realize we really haven't evolved as much as we may think.  

As we celebrate Good Friday, that horrific day a man was nailed to a cross for being kind and loving I am again humbled by his ability to love in spite of the torture he endured.  Regardless if we are Christians, Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish, Jesus deserves a day to be remembered for simply loving humanity and teaching others to love and to forgive.

May your Easter be filled with more then chocolate bunnies.

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